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Technician - Motorbike

Date:  Jul 4, 2024
Posting Closure Date:  Aug 27, 2024
Category:  Engineering
Career Level:  Blue Collar

Kampala, Uganda

Job Role

Diagnoses and repairs cars, light trucks or motorbikes. Other duties include inspecting vehicles, performing routine service, and keeping records of work done, including determining what is wrong in unique circumstances, the use of testing equipment following repairs to ensure that automobiles are safe to drive

Job Responsibilities

  • Carry out standard installation, maintenance and repair activities under detailed guidance. Troubleshoot basic technical or operational problems by applying previously defined solutions.
  • Carry out standard maintenance and repair activities under detailed guidance. Troubleshoot basic technical or operational problems by applying previously defined solutions.
  • Follow a range of mandatory work instructions (including use of personal protection equipment where relevant) to safeguard the environment and the wellbeing of oneself and others.
  • Provide initial fault isolation and support in proposing resolution for approval by Team Leader to limit and address issues promptly
  • Report any repairing problems or issues
  • Use a range of tools and equipment in accordance with safe operating procedures, including specialist tools and equipment. Includes performing basic safety checks, and storing tools and equipment appropriately so that they are kept safe.
  • Work according to an assigned schedule.
  • Follow a range of mandatory procedures to ensure that work is carried out to the required quality standards and/or to ensure adherence to external regulatory codes and internal codes of conduct.
  • Carry out maintenance and repair tasks, following detailed instructions and working under close supervision to complete the allocated tasks.
  • Create positive experiences for collegues by interacting courteously with them.
  • Develop and maintain excellent process or technical skills by participating in assessment and development planning activities as well as formal and informal training and coaching.
  • Provide technical support to inspections of the quality of engineering works and/or the integrity of existing installations or structures, and the remedial works needed in accordance with organizational standards and regulatory requirements.


Vocational diploma
Certification from a vocational school

Required Qualifications & Skills

Minimum Experience:

Minimum 2-4 years experience as a mechanic

Job Specific Skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components of vehicles
  • Working knowledge of vehicle diagnostic systems and methods
  • Ability to handle various tools (e.g. pliers) and heavy equipment (e.g. lift)
  • Ability to work in a high performance, fast-paced team environment
  • Willingness to observe all safety precautions for protection against accidents, dangerous fluids, chemicals, etc.
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Good oral and written communications skills in English
  • Valid driver’s license is a must



Job Segment: Maintenance, Technical Support, Law, Electrical, Technician, Manufacturing, Technology, Legal, Engineering

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